August updates: Lifetime subscription, Listening mode and more!

Etiene Dalcol, August 22, 2022

This newsletter’s topics:

Version 1.1 App updates

What’s new?

🔊  Listening mode

When you get a message you can now click the listen button and hear it out loud using your phone’s text-to-speech. This feature is available in 10+ languages for subscribers only. The languages with text-to-speech depend on your phone operating system, Android or iOS version, and other local phone settings.

@polyglossapp Polygloss now has text-to-speech! #languagelearning #catalan ♬ original sound - Polygloss

⚡️ Yearly and lifetime Polygloss Unlimited subscription

Besides our monthly subscription, Polygloss now offers yearly subscription. For a promotional time we will also offer lifetime subscriptions, so fetch yours while you can! With Lifetime Polygloss Unlimited, for as long as Polygloss exists, you’ll get all the benefits of our subscription. This means lifetime is also valid for all premium features that don’t exist yet and will be added in the future.

The benefits for subscribing are:

The yearly and lifetime subscriptions follow the same model of our monthly subscriptions: there are different prices available for the same product, so you can choose according to your affordability.

More updates:

👑  Online and subscription status before players’ names
🔡 Settings for disabling or enabling phone auto-correct during matches
🔏 Settings for enabling or disabling receiving corrections from other players
✨ Increased box for writing correction
♻️  Added circular spinner while fetching friends
⚡️ Old and incompatible subscriptions can be migrated to current version
🚮. Improved account deletion process
👩‍💻  Code update & cleanup

Features under A/B test *:

❌ Button for rejecting a match
✨ Tutorial no longer mandatory
🕚 Match showing date that it was written

(* enabled for some players and going through adjustments before they are enabled for everyone)

Bugs fixed:

🐞  Messages are no longer disappearing from message history
🐞. Crash when subscribing on iOS is fixed
🐞. Friends list error when a friend disabled account is fixed
🐞. Usernames can contain numbers now
🐞. Bypassing lesson star lock cheat is no longer possible
🐞. Fixed error starting a match when all possible lessons are completed
🐞  Fixed crash after login with Google Authentication
🐞  Fixed error on play tab tutorial check that made some players stay stuck on loading

✨  Improved error logging
✨ Other UI fixes, typo corrections & improvements

Supporting Polygloss

👯‍♀️ Share Polygloss with your friends

Polygloss is a collaborative game, the more people play, the better the learning experience. Inviting other folks and helping us grow our community is the top first way to support us!

Other ways to support Polygloss:

Polygloss financials and language stats

💰 There are currently 22 active Polygloss Unlimited subscribers, getting us about £35 monthly after google play and app store take their cut. Basic maintenance of the app costs about £80-100 monthly (hosting, newsletters, licenses etc) not counting extraordinary expenses such as marketing campaigns and paying staff. You can read more info about Polygloss’ finances in our Notion Workspace.

🔡  In the last 28 days, players from all over the world wrote over 26,000 texts in 64 languages. The top 3 languages used are English, French and Spanish. And the top 3 languages with the highest average of texts per player are Welsh, Vietnamese and Catalan. You can see more stats, live, in our match dashboard.

Best feedback & shout-outs

Every time we send a newsletter, we might pick the players who gave us the best feedback or shout-out in social media and send them a surprise prize! 🎁

Language events

Polyglot Conference

When: October 28-30th

Where: Cholula, Mexico

More info here.

Spanish/English Language Exchange All LEVELS

When: August 27th, midnight UTC

Where: online






What did you think of these updates? Drop a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Etiene is a Software Engineer who is passionate about languages. She recently finished her MSc. in Computer Science researching Computational Linguistics and Computer Assisted Language Learning.