Happy International Women's day

Etiene Dalcol, March 8, 2024

Did you know?
Polygloss is in an indie app for language practise created by a Brazilian woman, Etiene Dalcol (hello! 👋). I’m also an avid language learner and user of my own product. If you’re learning German, French, Greek, Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese, you might have played some matches with me already!

None of the images used at Polygloss are AI-generated. They were all manually curated by me to fit common topics following language textbooks and important current events.

Today, I’m celebrating International Women’s day by adding a new lesson, “Women’s Art 1”. This is a very special lesson because all images were hand-painted in acrylic by artist Juanita Muller, from South Africa. Juanita kindly released high-quality images of her paintings for free, which allows me to use them in Polygloss. The lesson will be unlocked for all players until the end of the month, and expect maybe another similar lesson to come up soon.

If you want to support a woman-led business today, don’t forget to download our app if you haven’t yet to practise over 100 languages, subscribe to Polygloss Unlimited and enjoy a range of special premium features, and support our ko-fi fundraiser. If you want to support arts and crafts created by women, you can find out more about Juanita’s work on her artist’s profile.


App screenshot of new lesson

Etiene is a Software Engineer who is passionate about languages. She recently finished her MSc. in Computer Science researching Computational Linguistics and Computer Assisted Language Learning.