Polygloss 2.0 is out!

Etiene Dalcol, July 4, 2023


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🆕 Version 2.0 is out!

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What’s new?

🎙️ Audio Matches

This has been one of the most requested features for Polygloss and I’m so excited it’s finally here! You can now send and receive audios instead of text in your matches. This is a Polygloss Unlimited feature. Make sure you subscribe to unlock this and many other premium features such as unlimited energy. Another benefit is that when you start a new match and send an audio, your partner can respond with an audio too regardless of their subscription status. Along with this feature, comes the possibility to send an audio correction, and a new “Perfect Pronunciation” player reward.

📈 Words and matches statistics

💁‍♀️ Profile pages with personal link or contact

Your profile now has a much richer experience, showing you more detailed stats of your Polygloss usage, including how many unique words you have used so far in text messages. This profile will be visible to others, and during matches you can see more info about your partner, such as which other languages they speak. If you are a Polygloss Unlimited subscriber, you can also include a website or email address to your profile, which will be visible to all on your public profile.

🎯 Customizable daily or weekly goals

Define a goal for yourself of how many messages you want to send, daily or weekly, and track your progress.

🔎 Discover new friends and see top player rankings

Do you want to find more players to play with? Welcome new players by sending them a match? See who’s online now? Tap the “Discover” button on the friends tab!

More updates:

📶 Get more points for writing more

🎵 UI sounds (can be turned off on settings)

🖼️ New welcome screen

🔴 See writing dates and differences with the original sentence when receiving a correction

⏰ See how long you have left to answer a match

🗝️ Unlock both word hints and message examples if available

🔤 Updated Google Translate which includes new languages

⚡️ Polygloss Unlimited coupons

❌ “Pass” button on review

👩‍🏫 Add tutorials while playing match

💖 Fixes and improvements to match partner finding algorithm

💖 Improvements to algorithm for redistributing inactive matches

🖼️ Lots of small UI fixes and tweaks

📈 Performance improvements

❌ Dismiss button on all bottom pop up messages

🧪 A/B tests: allow editing match text

🐞 Fix energy update when unlocking hints

🐞 Fix proficiency level wrong on match completion screen

🐞 Fix occasional bug saving friends list and when blocking people

🐞 Improvements and bug fixes with word reordering review

🐞 Fix bug when opening matches for some players

🐞 Fix app reloading bug when backgrounding app

👩🏻‍💻 Code modernization, upgrades & refactors

🚀 Product Hunt Launch

Polygloss will launch on Product Hunt on July 25th 2pm Central European Time. This will be a key moment for our project and we need your help!

Help us be successful on the launch day by upvoting, rating, and leaving a comment in our product page. Add a reminder to your calendar.

Why learn Welsh?

The first blog post of the Welsh series for the Polygloss blog is out!

If you’re interested in learning Welsh you should check it out here: 👇


Polygloss statistics

In the last month, Polygloss players wrote 11,850 texts in 55 languages!

Highlights of last month:

Supporting Polygloss

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Other ways to support Polygloss:

[All / podcast] Because language: a podcast about linguistics, the science of language

[Welsh] Follow on Y Fflamiadur on twitter for regular Welsh tips

[Macedonian] Blog post: Using Polygloss to learn Macedonian, by Tamara Atanasoska

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Etiene is a Software Engineer who is passionate about languages. She recently finished her MSc. in Computer Science researching Computational Linguistics and Computer Assisted Language Learning.